Comprehensive car insurance can cover a stolen car.

Does Alabama car insurance cover a stolen car?

It’s kind of one of the worst nightmares of every car owner – walking out to the driveway or the parking lot and realizing that your car is not where you left it. Since you’re pretty sure that your car can’t drive itself, the logical explanation is that the car has been stolen. Now your question is this: will Alabama car insurance cover you if your car is stolen? We’ll explain what you need to know about insurance and car theft.

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Alabama home insurance covers more than just the structure of the home itself.

What does Alabama home insurance cover?

Buying a home is no small decision – or investment. Along with owning a home comes a lot of responsibility, including getting home insurance. You’re probably wondering what is covered by Alabama home insurance. You know that insurance is probably a good idea, but what exactly does it do besides depleting your bank account? We’ll explain what’s typically covered by home insurance.

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