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You might be dreading getting home insurance in Alabaster. Home insurance can be overwhelming and intimidating. It can be hard to know where to start and hard to figure out exactly which coverages and limits of insurance are right for you. And you’re also probably trying to get cheap Alabaster home insurance. Well, we have a team of insurance pros here at Birmingham Insurance who can help you answer all of the above questions. We can help you find the insurance you need to protect your home - we’ll help you shop for rates so that you can get a great price for great coverage that will truly protect your investment in your house. We also do our best to make insurance as easy as possible. Every homeowner deserves to get individualized attention when it comes to getting insurance, and we strive to do that for our clients by being there for them through every step of the process of buying home insurance - and afterward. We can help you create a customized Alabaster home insurance plan that’s tailored just for you.

Fun facts about Alabaster, Alabama:

  • Alabaster Lime Co. was owned and operated by George L. Scott Sr.
  • Housing was built for the employees of the Alabaster Lime Co. and the community began.
  • The city is named after alabaster, a white calcium carbonate mineral.
  • George L. Scott Jr. was the first mayor of Alabaster.
  • The town was incorporated in 1953.

How much does Alabaster home insurance cost? That depends in part on the following factors:

The value of your home: Your home insurance could cost more the higher the value of your home.

How much it would cost to rebuild your home: You should purchase enough home insurance to completely rebuild your home from the ground up, like you would need to if it were destroyed by a fire. That means that you need to include the costs of cleanup and construction. The material your home is made of plays a part in this cost.

What the crime rate is for your area: The higher the crime rate is for your area, the higher your home insurance rates could be.

The location of the nearest fire department: If you’re close to a fire station, emergency services could respond faster to a fire. And that means there would be less damage to your home, which means you could get lower premiums.

ZIP Code: 35007, 35114

Of course, these are only a few of the details that go into determining your home insurance premium. There are many, many factors that can affect your rates. The best way to get a truly accurate idea of how much your home insurance will cost is to get multiple quotes for home insurance. Getting a quote is easy - all you have to do is fill out our online form or give us a call.

Do you live in the area?

Alabaster is made up of these ZIP Codes:

35007, 35114

Number of households
Median household income
Median property value
Average commute time
28 mins
Median age

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*Data from publically available records.

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  • Things to do in Alabaster:

    • Buck Creek Trail
    • Limestone Park
    • Oak Mountain State Park
    • Blue Water Park
    • Ballantrae Golf Club

  • Looking to move to Alabaster? Check out some of the top employers in Shelby County…

    • Shelby County Board of Education
    • Southern Company/Alabama Power
    • Shelby Baptist Medical Center
    • Walmart
    • EBSCO Industries, Inc.