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If you’re looking for home insurance in Birmingham, you might have decided to shop around for your rates and get multiple quotes for Birmingham home insurance. You want to get the best coverage at the best price. Maybe you’ve decided to let our team of agents help you out by shopping your rates for you! While on your journey, you might have heard of Foremost Insurance, which is one of the carriers we work with when we help Alabama homeowners get their insurance. Foremost is owned by Farmers Insurance (of the commercials with the bespectacled man and the “We are Farmers” jingle.) You might be interested in getting a Foremost home insurance quote in Birmingham, and we can help you do just that. We would be happy to accompany you on your mission to get the right Birmingham home insurance for your house and your family. We want to help you find peace of mind knowing that your home is protected from life’s unexpected disasters. Want to find out more about Foremost? Reach out to our team today with our online form or by phone.


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About Foremost

Edward Fray and Edward Stoddard (and a few investors) founded Foremost in 1952. They wanted to provide home insurance for people who live in mobile homes - they were all about being innovative with their insurance solutions. Rather than writing policies for mobile homes that were basically just glorified auto insurance policies, they created real home insurance policies customized specifically for mobile homes by the 1960s. Twenty years later, the company created a special program for mobile home owners who were over the age of 50. The program intrigued AARP, who endorsed Foremost to sell mobile home insurance policies to its members by 1989. Since then, Foremost has expanded into providing numerous different coverages - they insure cars, motorcycles, RVs, and residential homes. In 2000, Farmers Insurance acquired Foremost.

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Foremost Home Insurance in Birmingham

Foremost operates with the philosophy that no two homes are the same and that every homeowner needs a customized home insurance plan. That’s why they have a variety of home insurance options so that homeowners can tailor their insurance to their needs. Foremost home insurance in Birmingham offers different plans to insure the structure of your home, and it also offers liability coverage so to protect you in case someone sues you for causing them bodily injury or property damage. You can add coverages for additional protection, such as extra coverage for your jewelry and valuables. It’s all in the spirit of making sure you get the insurance you need to fully protect your home. Your Birmingham Insurance agent can go over all of these options with you so you get the coverage that’s right for you. Another thing to note about Foremost home insurance in Birmingham - they offer home insurance discounts to help you save money on your premium. Your Birmingham Insurance agent can help you figure out which ones you qualify for.  


Foremost wants to make sure that you get the home insurance you need and that it’s customized to your home. Their goal is to help homeowners find peace of mind. They’re committed to delivering excellent customer service and really being their clients, much like we are at Birmingham Insurance. So, if you decide to get a Birmingham home insurance quote from Foremost, you’re working with a company that truly values their clients.

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