Save money on home insurance with these home insurance discounts

As a homeowner, you’ve got a lot of decisions to make. How should you decorate the kitchen? Do you want to replace the carpet with hardwood? Is it time to paint the family room? Home décor decision aside, you also have to handle the home insurance. You might be a bit wary about how much your homeowner’s insurance will cost.

But guess what?

Many companies offer home insurance discounts, and that can help you save money on your homeowner’s insurance. We’ll go over 15 common home insurance discounts that you should ask your agent about.

Before we dive in:

Keep in mind that every company offers different home insurance discounts and different amounts of savings. You need to ask your agent if they offer any discounts, how you can qualify for them, and how much you can save. It all depends on your particular company.

Common home insurance discounts.

1. Bundling.

If you get both your home insurance and auto insurance from the same company, that’s called bundling. And lots of insurance companies offer a discount if you bundle with them. Besides the bonus of saving money, you’ll only have to deal with one company – convenient! Bundling your home and auto insurance is definitely something to think about, but you should still shop around to find the best insurance option for you. (And our team can help with that – get in touch by filling out our quote form or giving us a phone call.)

2. Loyalty.

If you stay with your insurance company for a certain amount of time, they may offer you a loyalty discount to reward you for being such a faithful customer. It’s something to look into.

3. Claims-free.

If you go for a lot of years without having to file a claim, you could be eligible for a claims-free discount. Basically, you’re a lower risk to the insurance company. So, think back and consider how long it’s been since you filed a claim (or if you’ve ever filed a claim.) You could get a discount if you’ve hit the magic number of years.

4. Burglar system.

If you have a monitored burglar or security system, you could be eligible for a discount. Security systems act as a deterrent towards theft – and that lessens your risk of your home being broken into. And security systems allow the police to respond quickly to a burglary. Insurance companies like monitored alarm systems.

5. Fire alarm system/safety.

The fire department can respond to an emergency fast if you have a monitored fire alarm system. The quick response time means there could be less damage to your house. And that means your claim would be smaller, which means you could get a discount.

6. Impact resistant roof.

Let’s say you have a big hail storm. If your roof is impact-resistant, odds are you’ll face less damage than if your roof wasn’t as strong. That’s why many insurance companies offer a discount if you have an impact-resistant roof.

Be sure to check if the insurance company has any qualifications for roof discounts before you get a new roof, though, so you know your roof will qualify.

7. Home improvements.

You might be able to get home insurance discounts if you make improvements that make your home safer or stronger. Here are a few examples of home improvements that could qualify you for a discount:

  • Getting new electrical wiring
  • Getting new plumbing
  • Getting a new roof

Be sure to check with your agent before making any huge, expensive changes to your home to save on home insurance.

You might get home insurance discounts if you make home improvements.

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8. Living in a gated community.

If you live in a gated community, there’s extra security around your home that could reduce your chances of burglary. Be sure to ask about a possible discount.

9. Being retired.

If you are retired, you could get a discount. Don’t be afraid to ask about that.

10. New home/customer discount.

If you bought your home recently and you’re a new customer to your insurance company, you could get a “new home” discount. Insurance companies appreciate your business.

11. Non-smoker.

You could get a discount simply by not being a smoker. Insurance companies don’t really like fire too much. The savings, however, will be different among insurance companies.

12. Having sensors for leaks.

There are sensors that can detect water leaks. If you have these sensors, you could get a discount. Isn’t technology great?

13. Having a higher deductible.

If you choose a higher deductible, you could see lower home insurance premiums. However, take care not to raise your deductible so high that it would be very difficult to pay if you had a claim.

14. Paying in full.

You could get a home insurance discount simply by paying for your coverage in full. And hey – you won’t have to worry about payment for a while.

Making your home safer can help you get home insurance discounts.

Save money on home insurance with multiple Alabama home insurance quotes.

So, hopefully, that helps put your mind at ease about how much Alabama home insurance costs. Many of the above discounts are related to how safe your home is. Each company offers their own home insurance discounts and offers different amounts of savings, so be sure to have a chat with your agent when you’re buying home insurance or when you make changes to your home that could help you qualify for discounts.

Shopping for Alabama home insurance can also help you save money on your rates. We’re pros at helping homeowners get great coverage at a great rate. Get started with your quotes by filling out our online form or giving us a call today.

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