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If you’re looking for home insurance in Birmingham, you’re probably wondering how you can shop for rates and get multiple insurance quotes. Maybe you’ve decided to team up with our agents at Birmingham Insurance to get your Birmingham home insurance quotes. One of the carriers we work with is Nationwide Insurance. Most likely you’ve heard one of their commercials and gotten the “Nationwide is on your side” tune stuck in your head at some point. If you’d like to get a Nationwide home insurance quote in Birmingham, we can help with that. We know that you’re on a mission to get the best home insurance at the best rate, and that’s a mission our team of agents can help you with. Want to find out more about Nationwide home insurance in Alabama? Reach out to us today. We would be happy to answer any questions you have.


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About Nationwide Insurance

Nationwide has been around since 1925. It started when the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation incorporated The Farm Bureau Mutual Auto Insurance Company. Murray D. Lincoln was one of the main driving forces behind the company. Soon the Ohio-based company would grow and move into more and more states, so they became Nationwide in 1955 to reflect their national presence. The goal of Farm Bureau Mutual Auto was to provide low-cost auto insurance to farmers. Though the company began by selling auto insurance, they expanded into home insurance. But the expansion didn’t stop there. Now Nationwide handles small business insurance, pet insurance, life insurance, financial services, and more. They are currently a Fortune 100 Company. And the company is still headquartered in Ohio, where they got their start. Their main headquarters is in Columbus.

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Nationwide home insurance in Birmingham

Nationwide home insurance in Birmingham is designed to protect your house from life’s unexpected disasters. It will protect your house against covered losses such as fire, burglary, and certain storm and weather-related damage. As far as your personal belongings go, there is an optional coverage that they offer called Brand New Belongings, which can help you replace all of your personal effects and your treasures if they’re destroyed by a covered loss. Wondering how much Nationwide home insurance in Birmingham costs? They offer numerous discounts to help homeowners stay within their budgets as they protect their house. Our Birmingham Insurance team can help you find out which ones you qualify for so you can get some quick savings on your premium. And as far as the claims process goes if you ever have a loss to your home, Nationwide’s goal is to make the claims process as easy and smooth as possible. And, of course, our Birmingham Insurance team is here to help throughout the insurance process and after.

Nationwide is dedicated to focusing on their clients. If you decide to get a Birmingham Nationwide insurance quote, you know that you’re working with a company that has grown and thrived through its customer-facing attitude and philosophy. Their goal is to help homeowners get quality insurance that’s within their budget. They want for every client to be able to depend on them. Their core values are valuing people, being member-focused, acting with honesty and integrity, and trusting and respecting each other.

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