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If you’re on a quest for Birmingham home insurance, you might have decided to shop around to compare rates for home insurance. Maybe you’ve decided to team up with our group of agents to get multiple quotes for your Birmingham home insurance. As far as getting quotes goes, one of the carriers we work with is Progressive. You’ve probably noticed their entertaining commercials featuring Flo in her stylish white outfit and blue headband. Maybe you’re wondering how to get a Progressive home insurance quote in Birmingham. Well, the good news is that we can help you with that. You’ve embarked on a quest for Birmingham home insurance, and that’s a quest that we would be happy to accompany you on. Want to find out more about Progressive? You can get in touch with our team by giving us a call or filling out our handy online form.


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About Progressive

Progressive, as their name suggests, has always wanted to offer the latest and greatest when it comes to insurance. Joseph Lewis and Jack Green founded the company in 1937 as the Progressive Mutual Insurance Company. They started out in the auto insurance industry, and the company soon showed that it was up to the task of living up to its name. They were the first company to have a drive-in claims service, and they also offered a unique payment plan that allowed drivers to pay for their insurance in installments instead of in one yearly sum. Another fun fact - Progressive was the first major auto insurance company in the world that had a website. The site launched in 1997. Over the years it became more and more interactive. Though Progressive got its start in auto insurance and they’re huge in the auto insurance world, they’ve expanded to offer home insurance and they can cover your Birmingham house.

Tricia Griffith
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March 10, 1937
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About Progressive home insurance in Birmingham

Progressive home insurance doesn’t just cover your house - it extends to additional structures on your property (like your fence or shed) and covers your additional living expenses if you have to live elsewhere while your home is being repaired. These coverages come at no extra cost. Progressive home insurance also covers your liability, meaning that if someone got hurt on your property and decided to sue you, you’d be covered. Your personal belongings are also covered - even if they’re not in your home at the time of the loss. And if you have jewelry or valuables that need some extra coverage, no problem - you can easily add insurance to protect these things. There are more additional coverages to choose from. You can discuss your insurance needs with your Birmingham Insurance agent and they will help you get the coverage you need to fully protect your home.

If you get a Progressive home insurance quote in Birmingham, you’re working with an insurance company that’s dedicated to being, well, progressive. That means they’re always striving to be innovative. They want to work with homeowners to find the payment plan that works for them, and they also want to make getting home insurance and filing home insurance claims as easy as possible. Progressive is committed to integrity, the Golden Rule, objectives, and excellence.

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