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If you’re looking for home insurance in Birmingham, you might have decided to do some shopping. You want to compare rates and coverage options because that can help you save money - and maybe you’ve decided to team up with Birmingham Insurance to help you do that! One of the carriers that we work with when we get Birmingham home insurance quotes is Safeco Insurance. The name “The General” might ring a bell when you’re thinking about insurance. The General is the name that Safeco used to go by, so it’s the same thing. You might be interested in getting home insurance coverage through Safeco, but maybe you’re not sure how to get a Safeco home insurance quote in Birmingham. Well, our team would be more than happy to help you with that. We can help you with any of your home insurance needs. You’re on a quest to get the right home insurance to protect your house, and that’s a quest that on which we would be honored to join you.


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About Safeco:

The General Insurance Company of America was started by Hawthorne K. Dent in 1923. Although the company got its start in Seattle, it quickly expanded down the West Coast and across the country. Eventually, it reached the East Coast. The company picked up the nickname The General because The General Insurance Company of America is a rather long name - people shortened it to The General. In 1953, the company began a subsidiary called The Selective Auto and Fire Insurance Company. Again, the name was a bit long, so it was quickly shortened to SAFECO. The new company, Safeco, had a lot of success right from the start because of their use of computerized tools and technology. Because of this success, The General decided to just rechristen itself Safeco Corporation. When 2008 rolled around, Safeco became part of Liberty Mutual Insurance. With a large team of agents around the country, Safeco focuses on personal lines insurance.

Tyler Asher
Seattle, Washington
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Parent Company
Liberty Mutual

 Safeco Home Insurance in Birmingham

Safeco home insurance will cover your house, your personal belongings, and your liability. It will protect your house against covered losses. And your personal belongings will be covered, too, whether they’re in your house, in your car, or traveling with you. You can add various coverages to your home insurance, such as extra insurance for jewelry and valuables. You can also consider identity recovery coverage to protect you if you’re the victim of identity theft. Your liability will also be covered, meaning that you’re covered if someone sues you for causing them bodily injury or property damage. For example, if someone were to trip and get hurt on your property, you would be covered against the resulting litigation. Your Birmingham Insurance agent can help you go over these additional coverages so you can decide which ones are right for you. Safeco also offers home insurance discounts to help you save money on your premium.


If you get a Safeco home insurance quote in Birmingham, you know you’re working with a company that’s committed to being there for their clients through life’s unexpected disasters. They want to be there for you when you need them. They’re also committed to earning the trust of their clients and acting in the client’s best interest. And just like we do here at Birmingham Insurance, they want to make insurance easy.


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