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Getting Vestavia Hills home insurance might be a looming, dread-inducing item on your home insurance, especially if you’re looking for cheap Vestavia Hills homeowners insurance. You might have a lot of questions - where do you get home insurance quotes? How much home insurance do you need? How can you get cheap home insurance? Our team here at Birmingham Insurance can help you get the homeowners insurance you’re looking for. Our insurance agents are pros at helping people find the best home insurance at the best rate. We can help you shop for Vestavia Hills homeowners insurance so that you can find peace of mind knowing that your house is protected by quality insurance. Our goal is to make insurance easy, so you don’t have to worry about getting stressed out by the process of getting Vestavia Hills home insurance. We’re committed to giving every client individualized attention so that they get the customized home insurance plan they need.

Fun facts about Vestavia Hills, Alabama

  • The city is named after the estate of a former mayor of Birmingham, George B. Ward.
  • Vestavia Hill was incorporated as a city in 1950.
  • It’s located in Jefferson County and Shelby County.
  • The city is the second-largest suburb of Birmingham.
  • It’s located by Shades Mountain.

How much does Vestavia Hills home insurance cost? That depends on the following factors…

The value of your home: The higher the value of your home, the more your home insurance will cost.

How much it would cost to rebuild your home: You should get enough home insurance to completely rebuild your home from the ground up like you would have to do if it were destroyed by a fire. You need to incorporate the expenses of cleanup and construction. The material your home is made of influences its reconstruction cost.

What the crime rate is for your area: Areas that have higher crime rates may also see higher home insurance rates.

The location of the nearest fire department: If you’re located close to a fire station, emergency services will be able to respond to a fire that much faster. And that means that you could see lower home insurance rates because your home would face less damage.

There are many, many factors that go into determining your home insurance premiums. These are just a few of them. To get an accurate idea of how much your Vestavia Hills home insurance will cost, we encourage you to get a quote.

Do you live in the area?

Vestavia Hills is made up of these ZIP Codes:

35216, 35226, 35243, 35242

Number of households
Median household income
Median property value
Average commute time
19 mins
Median age

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*Data from publically available records.

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  • Things to do in Vestavia Hills:

    • Wald Park
    • Birmingham Botanical Gardens
    • Vulcan Park and Museum
    • Birmingham Civil Rights Institute
    • McWane Science Center

  • Moving to Vestavia Hills? Check out some of the top employers in the area...

    • University of Alabama at Birmingham
    • Regions Financial Corp.
    • Birmingham Board of Education
    • Baptist Health System, Inc.
    • AT&T